Daily Zohar 3162

Daily Zohar 3162

Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -3162


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Zohar Ha’azinu

Study of the Idra Zuta. The day, Rabbi Shimon left the world.

Rabbi Shimon says “The studies of the Idra Raba are holy but concealed. Only those who could elevate themselves and connect to this wisdom can see and understand the secrets of these studies. The secrets that I just revealed were concealed until now because I feared to reveal them.
Atika Kadisha” (Holy Ancient, Keter) knows that I don’t do it for my honor or for the honor of my family. I reveal the secrets so I won’t go into the palace of the Holy One with shame.
I saw that the Holy One Blessed be He and the Tzadikim from the upper world that are here now join my happiness. They gave me permission to reveal these secrets and they are all invited to share my happiness in the upper world, how worthy is my share.”

Rabbi Aba says that when the ‘Holy Light’ finished his words, he raised his hands, crying and laughing because he wanted to reveal one thing that he couldn’t do all his life and now they don’t give him permission to do it. Rabbi Shimon sat and bowed three times. None of the people around Rabbi Shion, could look at him or even in his direction.

Rabbi Shimon continues “I testify about myself that all my life I was longing for this day to have the permission to reveal the secrets and I couldn’t do it until now. I want to reveal it before the Holy One Blessed be He because all these secrets are added like a crown on my head. Now this day is here for me and I can start revealing the secrets so I can enter the next world without shame.”

After these words, Rabbi Shimon started the study about the secrets of Zeir Anpin.

On the day that a tzadik is about to leave the world, an opening to the upper world is created and the Tzadik can see clearly spiritual sights and visions. Because Rabbi Shimon was on the highest level, many Tzadikim from heavens, came down to support and escort him of his way up. Because the gates to heaven were open on that day, those who were close to him in this world could benefit from it.