Daily Zohar 3264
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -3264
Hebrew translation:

חסר כאן תרגום

Zohar Yitro

The Torah is Zeir Anpin that emanates from Binah with the 22 letters. It is the aspect of “A river comes out of Eden to water the Garden” (Genesis 2:10). The ‘River’ comes out with all the letters.
The soul’s levels of Ruach and Neshama, that are released from the Torah are formed with the shape of the letters. The letters of a person’s soul are ‘impressed’ on his face.

Rabbi Shimon explains that the shapes of the letters come from the father of the soul that is Zeir Anpin. The mother of the soul comes from Malchut with the aspect of the four shapes of the living Creatures of the holy Chariot, Lion, Ox, Eagle, and man.
The shape that is formed from the mother is visible on the outside and the letters from the father, Zeir Anpin are concealed in the face.

The different groups of shapes that come from the mother and expressed on the faces are; human, Lion, Ox, and Eagle. The soul reveals the inner shape on the outside but immediately concealed. These shapes are formed from the letters even though they are concealed.
The ‘inner’ faces of a person can be seen only by those who are with the wisdom to see it.

The energy of a person is under the ‘mask’ of the body that is shaped by the soul that animates it. Most people can recognize changes in the inner feeling of a person by body language and facial expression. Some can read deeper by looking into the eyes of a person. Wise people with high spiritual level can read beyond the surface because their soul expands beyond the limits of their bodies. They can feel and ‘read’ the letters that represent energies and ‘history’. If they are on a very high level then they can see the future of a person.

The Torah existed before the creation of the corporeal world. It represents the code of Creation, and as the aspect of the world’s DNA, it can tell the story of everything in the created world. Our souls have their roots in the Torah and nourished from it. It is important to see the Torah with our eyes and that is the reason why the Torah is raised before reading it.
The proper custom is to raise the Torah before the reading, announcing “This is the Torah that Moses brought to Israel…”, then placing it for reading on a stage that is preferably the most elevated point in the synagogue. When the Torah is raised, the congregation should make efforts to come closer and see the letters.
Some communities have the custom to raise the Torah after the reading is completed. It came after people got into the habit of coming to see the Torah elevated, see the letters, connecting their soul to it, then leave the synagogue before the reading. To prevent that, they postpone the Torah elevation to the end of the reading.
Some people are far from a synagogue where they can connect on Shabbat to the Torah. They can read the Torah and Zohar with studies that nourish their soul on a daily basis.
The more we study the greater spiritual level we can achieve and able to ‘read’ people for the purpose of helping them or in some cases, avoid their negativity in our environment.