Daily Zohar 2950
Daily Zohar 2950
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -2950
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Zohar Yitro
Paragraph #92 shown above was explained in the previous study because it was related to the study of the eyes.
The secrets of the face can be seen by those who know the inner wisdom. The forehead has lines and wrinkles that tell you about the person. The face is different and doesn’t reveal the inner side of a person on the skin of the face that changes shapes according to the secrets that are concealed in the soul level of Ruach. The people with the knowledge of the inner wisdom can tell about the soul of a person from his face. The word for ‘face’ in Hebrew is ‘פנים’, which also means ‘inner’.
The shapes and ‘images’ that could be seen on the face have the 22 letters that are in the soul. These images and letters appear on the face according to the actions of the person. Even though the images and letters appear temporary on the face, the owners of that wisdom can see the ‘history’ of the person’s actions in his life.
For Science, the building blocks of nature are the elements listed in the periodic table of elements. They can examine different materials and tell many details about them, even their age.
The Hebrew letters are the forces and building blocks of Creation. We can easily read the letters by their shapes but we to see their spiritual forces we need to get deeper into the study of the wisdom that created them and our state of existence. Kabbalists of the highest levels can read the entire history of a person and even the future from his face. Rabbi Shimon, the Holy Ari, and some great Tzadikim had these abilities. Some could sense and ‘read’ a person even without looking at him.
It’s like a person’s life appears like a ‘movie’ on their face and the Tzadik with the higher wisdom can read every frame of that movie.
We will continue with this study next year when we come back to the portion of Yitro. I do recommend to continue the reading and scanning of Yitro from paragraph #68 through #234 with the consciousness of desiring the spiritual ability to understand and help people.