Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -329.

Tikkun 21-70

Woman of Valor, is pure and in the image of the Shechina with the 10 Sefirot. She is called a candle because she can draw the light.

This is the light of the supernal נשמה (Neshama) coming from Binah through Zeir Anpin.

The process is like the wind רוח (Ruach), that blows into the wings of the lungs and passes the energy through the blood, נפש (Nefesh) to the heart.

Our body is a vessel and like a candle and it needs the light to shine. When we connect to the Torah we draw the light from our surrounding light through the air we breath. It gets mixed with the blood in the lungs and carry the energy of life into our body.