Daily Zohar 3704
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -3704

Hebrew translation:

315. בֹּא וּרְאֵה כַּמָּה חֲבִיבִים אוֹתָם שֶׁמִּשְׁתַּדְּלִים בַּתּוֹרָה לִפְנֵי הַקָּדוֹשׁ בָּרוּךְ הוּא, שֶׁאֲפִלּוּ בִּזְמַן שֶׁהַדִּין תָּלוּי בָּעוֹלָם וְנִתְּנָה רְשׁוּת לַמַּשְׁחִית לְהַשְׁחִית, הַקָּדוֹשׁ בָּרוּךְ הוּא מְצַוֵּהוּ עֲלֵיהֶם, עַל אוֹתָם הַמִּשְׁתַּדְּלִים בַּתּוֹרָה, וְכָךְ אוֹמֵר לָהֶם הַקָּדוֹשׁ בָּרוּךְ הוּא: כִּי תָצוּר אֶל עִיר, בִּגְלַל הַחֲטָאִים הָרַבִּים שֶׁחָטְאוּ לְפָנַי וְהִתְחַיְּבוּ בְדִין. יָמִים רַבִּים, מַה זֶּה רַבִּים? (שְׁלֹשָׁה יָמִים זֶה אַחַר זֶה נִקְרְאוּ יָמִים רַבִּים. אַף כָּאן כִּי תָצוּר אֶל עִיר יָמִים רַבִּים) שְׁלֹשָׁה יָמִים זֶה אַחַר זֶה שֶׁנּוֹדָע דֶּבֶר בָּעִיר. מִנַּיִן לָנוּ שֶׁיָּמִים רַבִּים הֵם שְׁלֹשָׁה? שֶׁכָּתוּב (ויקרא טו) וְאִשָּׁה כִּי יָזוּב זוֹב דָּמָהּ יָמִים רַבִּים. וְכִי יָמִים רַבִּים הֵם? אֶלָּא שְׁלֹשָׁה יָמִים זֶה אַחַר זֶה נִקְרָאִים יָמִים רַבִּים. גַּם כָּךְ, כִּי תָצוּר אֶל עִיר יָמִים רַבִּים – שְׁלֹשָׁה יָמִים זֶה אַחַר זֶה שֶׁנּוֹדָע דֶּבֶר בָּעִיר. בֹּא וַאֲצַוְּךָ עַל (כָּל) בְּנֵי בֵיתִי: לֹא תַשְׁחִית אֶת עֵצָהּ – זֶה תַּלְמִיד חָכָם שֶׁהוּא בָּעִיר, שֶׁהוּא עֵץ הַחַיִּים, אִילָן שֶׁנּוֹתֵן פֵּרוֹת.


This week’s portion is Ekev. You can download the entire Zohar text and study of Ekev from the links in the box ‘Download Torah and Zohar’ on this page. We continue with Zohar Balak.

Zohar Balak
How beloved before the Holy One Blessed be He are those who study the Torah. Even when there is judgment in the world, and the destroyer has permission to inflict judgments, the Holy One Blessed be He gives him special command related to those who study Torah.
Deuteronomy 20:19
“כִּי תָצוּר אֶל עִיר יָמִים רַבִּים לְהִלָּחֵם עָלֶיהָ לְתָפְשָׂהּ לֹא תַשְׁחִית אֶת עֵצָהּ לִנְדֹּחַ עָלָיו גַּרְזֶן כִּי מִמֶּנּוּ תֹאכֵל וְאֹתוֹ לֹא תִכְרֹת כִּי הָאָדָם עֵץ הַשָּׂדֶה לָבֹא מִפָּנֶיךָ בַּמָּצוֹר.”
“When you besiege a city for many days while making war against it to take it, you shall not destroy its trees by wielding an ax against them; if you can eat of them, do not cut them down to use in the siege, for the tree of the field is man’s food.”
Because of the many iniquities that people sin before Hashem, a judgment is decreed and carried out as a siege around the people. “Many days” relate to three days in a sequence that tells about a plague in the city. We know that ‘many days’ is three days from the verse Leviticus 15:25
“וְאִשָּׁה כִּי יָזוּב זוֹב דָּמָהּ יָמִים רַבִּים בְּלֹא עֶת נִדָּתָהּ אוֹ כִי תָזוּב עַל נִדָּתָהּ כָּל יְמֵי זוֹב טֻמְאָתָהּ כִּימֵי נִדָּתָהּ תִּהְיֶה טְמֵאָה הִוא.”
“‘If a woman has a discharge of blood for many days, other than at the time of her customary impurity, or if it runs beyond her usual time of impurity, all the days of her unclean discharge shall be as the days of her customary impurity. She shall be unclean.”
If a woman sees blood three days in sequence, she is impure to her husband and needs to wait for clean days to become pure again. A plague is announced when there are three days of judgment in the city.
The Holy One Blessed be He commands the destroyer about the treatment of his household, “you shall not destroy its trees.” His household is the wise scholars in the city that bring fruits like a Tree of Life.

The Torah students enter the house of Hashem and become part of his household and receive his protection.
King David knew that when he was supposed to die and block the angel of death from reaching him to take his soul, he was studying continuously. Only after the Angel of death made a short distraction that made King David stops his study for a moment, he could take his soul.
Rabbi Shimon stopped the angel of death from taking the soul of his student. This protection comes from the studies of the Torah that is a Tree of Life.
We are under siege of the evil side and the angel of death. The evil side brought this pandemic, and it kills many people every day. We protect ourselves from the evil side when we go into the house of Hashem, which is the Torah that we study here through the Zohar.
The Daily Zohar delivers daily ‘vitamin’ of protection. It’s a gift and a shelter from Hashem that is available free to anyone who enters the ‘door.’ There are other good and pure sources of study online because the house of Hashem is huge with many ‘doors.’ Connect and support the ‘doors’ Hashem opened for you to enter.