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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -410.

Tikkun 21 – 151

Exodus 34:14 “כִּי לֹא תִשְׁתַּחֲוֶה, לְאֵל אַחֵר”
“For you shall not bow down to other god (אַחֵר)”

The name that protects our dwellings and that we put on our doors is שדי. When we disconnect from the YHVH system, and let the other side control us, the י from the name goes away and we stay with שד, which is a name for negative entities that invade where our soul dwells, confuse it and bring chaos into our lives.

The Zohar says that because Israelites didn’t follow the system, they were invaded and sent to exile and now scattered all over the world.

Those that keep the connection of Zeir Anpin and Malchut on Shabbat and holidays, get the protection like it is said on Moses in Psalms 91:1 “ יֹשֵׁב, בְּסֵתֶר עֶלְיוֹן; בְּצֵל שַׁדַּי, יִתְלוֹנָן”
“You sit in the covert of the Most High, and dwell in the shadow of the Almighty (שדי)”

And in Esther it is said (Esther 2:14)
“בָּעֶרֶב הִיא בָאָה, וּבַבֹּקֶר הִיא שָׁבָה אֶל-בֵּית הַנָּשִׁים”
“In the evening she went, and on the morning she returned into the house of the women,”

God concealed Esther from the king and Haman. He sent a replacement to the king , שדה, dressed in Esther’s image so Esther won’t get contaminated by the other side.