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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -424.

Tikkun 21 – 165

Psalms 44:23
“כִּי-עָלֶיךָ, הֹרַגְנוּ כָל-הַיּוֹם; נֶחְשַׁבְנוּ, כְּצֹאן טִבְחָה ”
“For your sake we are killed all the day; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.”

We are accounted as sheep for the slaughter because when we die the angel of death will disconnect our head, which is the connection to the upper three Sefirot, from our soul.

When we slaughter the animal for eating we do similar steps. It allows us to show mercy on the animal and elevate its soul with ‘kosher’ slaughtering. Those rules help us remove judgment that is part of our lives.

There is a special blessing that the ‘Shochet’, that is the man that does the actual slaughtering, recites. This elevates the soul of the animal and helps us with our Tikkun and removes judgment.

In Leviticus 8:23 we read the word “וַיִּשְׁחָ֓ט ” “and he slaughtered”. The cantillation that is used here appears only in four places in the Torah. This is the last one and it is in the process of initiation that Moses did for Aaron and his sons to serve in the Tabernacle when it was just opened. This action removed all judgments that may have been on Aaron and his sons before his service in the Holy Tabernacle.

Eating Kosher meat affects the soul significantly. A non-kosher meat could be tastier but only on the physical level. The big difference is the effect on the soul.