Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -43.

There is the name of 12 letters that comes from the level of Binah, יוד הי ואו הי, numerical value 63.
Malchut is the aspect of Judgement in this world and Binah is the root for the world correction. Malchut elevated to Binah, which is the secret of sweetening the judgements of Malchut with Binah energy.
Malchut received the shape of Binah and brought down the aspect of mercy with the element of time. This effect was created as Malchut distant itself from the Light of Binah.

מקור הקטע: הקדמת תיקוני הזוהר עם פרוש מעלות הסולם (רבי יהודה צבי ברנדויין זל) פסקה 208