Daily Zohar 4357
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -4357

Hebrew translation:

171. וְלָכֵן אָמַר רְאוּ עַתָּה כִּי אֲנִי אֲנִי הוּא וְאֵין אֱלֹהִים עִמָּדִי, שֶׁלּוֹקֵחַ מִמֶּנּוּ עֵצָה, שֶׁאֵין לוֹ שֵׁנִי וְלֹא שֻׁתָּף וְלֹא חֶשְׁבּוֹן. שֶׁיֵּשׁ אֶחָד בְּשִׁתּוּף כְּמוֹ זָכָר וּנְקֵבָה, וְנֶאֱמַר בָּהֶם (שם נא) כִּי אֶחָד קְרָאתִיו, אֲבָל הוּא אֶחָד בְּלִי חֶשְׁבּוֹן וְלֹא שִׁתּוּף, וְלָכֵן אָמַר וְאֵין אֱלֹהִים עִמָּדִי. קָמוּ כֻלָּם וְהִשְׁתַּטְּחוּ לְפָנָיו וְאָמְרוּ, אַשְׁרֵי הָאִישׁ שֶׁרִבּוֹנוֹ מַסְכִּים עִמּוֹ לְגַלּוֹת סוֹדוֹת טְמִירִים שֶׁלֹּא הָיוּ מִתְגַּלִּים לְמַלְאָכִים קְדוֹשִׁים.
172. אָמַר לָהֶם, חֲבֵרִים, יֵשׁ לָנוּ לְהַשְׁלִים הַפָּסוּק, שֶׁכַּמָּה סוֹדוֹת טְמִירִים יֵשׁ בַּפָּסוּק הַזֶּה (דברים לב) אֲנִי אָמִית וַאֲחַיֶּה וְגוֹ’. אֲנִי אָמִית וַאֲחַיֶּה – בַּסְּפִירוֹת. אֲחַיֶּה – מִצַּד שֶׁל הַיָּמִין חַיִּים, וּמִצַּד הַשְּׂמֹאל מָוֶת. וְאִם לֹא מַסְכִּימִים שְׁנֵיהֶם עִם עַמּוּד הָאֶמְצָעִי, לֹא מִתְקַיֵּם הַדִּין, שֶׁהֵם בְּמוֹשָׁב שְׁלֹשָׁה כְּאֶחָד.


Zohar Beresheet

Continued from previous DZ
He said, “Now see that I, even I, am He, And there is no God besides Me” because he has no second or partner. There is one in common like a male and a female, as he called Abraham and Sarah “I called him one” (Isaiah 51:2), but he is one without count, and therefore he said, ”And there is no God (אֱלֹהִים ELHYM) besides Me.”
They all stood up, lay face down before him, and said, Blessed is the man with whom his Lord agrees to reveal concealed secrets that would not have been revealed to holy angels.

He told them, friends, we have to complete the verse study. There are some secrets concealed in this verse. “אני אמות ואחיה” “I kill, and I make alive” (Deuteronomy 32:39), meaning by the Sefirot, “I make alive” is the Right line, life. “I kill” is the Left line that draws death to the wicked. If both of them do not agree with the middle column, the judgment is not established because the three are considered as one.

Before the middle line unites the Right and the Left, there is no existence either for life, which is drawn to the righteous from the right line, or for death, which is drawn to the wicked from the left line. Before they are united in the middle, the lines are in dispute, and sometimes the left wins for judgment, and sometimes the right wins for Chessed, without permanence and existence.