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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -439.

Tikkun 21 – 180

The Ten Sefirot bring the Light force to Malchut to assist us and also to force transformations on us.

The higher Light originates from the name YHVH and when it comes down through the 10 Sefirot it gets changed to ADNY. A transformation of the Light takes place on the way down to Malchut. Therefore even when we see the name YHVH written in the Torah we have to pronounce ADNY because this is how the light is represented in Malchut, the vessel.

There are many events that cause transformation of the soul and our lives. The different holiday energies bring opportunities and help in transformation.
The laws of divorce and the special ceremonies are a process of transformation for the soul in its spiritual growth path.

Yom Kippur is a different day. It is the only day in the year that the light of YHVH appears in Malchut and can be connected with a proper vessel. It is considered as the day of Redemption. We disconnect from the material levels and join the light in Binah. It’s a day of connection and acceptance.
Only on Yom Kippur, the high priest could enter into the Holy of Holies and make a connection with the name YHVH. This is the only day in the year that he could use the special pronunciation of the YHVH name.

Between the OPENING of the Ark on the evening of Yom Kippur, until the Prayer of Neilah (meaning LOCKING) on the next evening, the gates of the supernal level of Binah are open.
The souls of the Israelites are awakened on that day and all synagogues have full capacity. Even if a person is far from faith, on this day, the light of Binah touches everyone and they transform themselves to be righteous because;
“דלתו פתוחה לקבל שבים”
“God’s door is open and accepts ‘repentance’.”