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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -448.

Tikkun 21 – 189

Rabbi Shimon here explains the original forces of creation. The line that brings the light from the Endless forms around a point, which is Yod, from which the three columns came out. That line is the Bet ב of בראשית. It has a Dagesh inside, which is the point of origin for the three columns that have a Yod at the top of each of them.

The letter Bet is numerically 2, then each Yod of the three columns has numerical value of 10 and all together it makes 32.
32 represents the whole Torah and the 32 times the name ELOHIM appears in the story of Creation. The dot inside the Bet is 10 for the 10 sayings/vibrations of “And ELOHIM said ….” . Adding the 32 we come to 42, which is the complete force that created heaven and earth and all that are included within them.

The light from the Endless is stretched into the line to the middle point. It protects the Yod, which is the thought of creation with the Bet. It also creates a protective barrier to separate matter and anti matter so the energy could be captured in constant vibration pattern that we call matter.

Rabbi Shimon knew how to take the three Yods and connect to the original Yod in order to shake the worlds and control Malchut.