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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -459.

Tikkun 21 – 200

The sacrifices, which are the prayers of the morning, afternoon and night are the aspect of the three columns, the Holy Creatures of the throne and the most vital body parts.

The three prayers are our opportunity to connect to the Light and bring our sense of self to the ‘slaughter’. In the Holy Temple it was done by the high priest to cleanse any impurity from us. When we pray we nullify our self by acknowledging the power of Light over us.
This is commonly called ‘worship’ but the actual spiritual process that is going on is breaking the barriers or as it is called in Kabbalah, ‘curtains’ between us and the light. Only then, we are able to draw light from the pure system of the Tree of Life.

Morning – Right – Chessed – Lion – Brain
Afternoon – Left – Gevurah – Ox – Heart
Night – Central – Tiferet – Eagle – Lungs
The pure body organs are located above the chest diaphragm.

When the connection is for selfish desires, the connection is to the impure system, which brings pain and judgment on the person. The affected body organs are located below the diaphragm and are responsible for the blood system.

Morning – Right – Dog – Spleen
Afternoon – Left – Donkey – Bile
Night – Central – Hawk – Liver

The Brain is the aspect of the world of Atzilut, Emanation, that governs the whole system. Before we start any prayer we should set our consciousness to the highest altruistic level. With proper preparation, we could connect and enjoy the light of the pure system.

One line summary: If you don’t pray for others you can’t have light for yourself.