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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -511.

Tikkun 22 – 49

Song of Songs 8:6
“כִּי-עַזָּה כַמָּוֶת אַהֲבָה, קָשָׁה כִשְׁאוֹל קִנְאָה:”
“…for love is strong as death, jealousy is hard as hell”

In the first sin, the Snake seduced Eve to connect to physicality that brought about the illusionary perception of the Tree of Knowledge, Good and Bad.

With the sin Eve received impurities in her vessel from the Snake and Adam gave Lil-th from the pure and holy side.

The Snake is the aspect of the minister of the negative side, Sama-el. With his female, Lil-ith, they control death and the evil inclination.

The female evil inclination is mainly about the desire to have more of the material level. The male evil inclination is mostly in acting negatively, transferring the holy light to the other side with impure actions.

Sam-ael and Lil-ith cause us to disconnect from the system of YHVH. In the future God’s love will take revenge (jealous= קִנְאָה) from them. This revenge will be the process of cleansing all negativity from the world and swallowing their existence forever.