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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -909
Hebrew translation:

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Tikkun 70 – 14

Before we continue in the deeper study of PFR (Palm and Face Reading) we should remember that everything in the physical level has a root and seed in the spiritual worlds. If we look at the physical manifestation of things without understanding the spiritual aspects of them then we barely have ten percent of the picture and even then, it is ‘contaminated’ with the distortion brought to us by the negative side.

Learning the spiritual aspect of every thing gives us a better understanding and control in this life.

Astrology would give us an exact report for two people born at the same second, at the same place but each of them will have a different life because they have different souls and different spiritual roots.

The Zohar didn’t bring this information for us to become a street corner psychic reader. It is here to teach us the connection between spiritual and physical and that everything below is connected above. I am not going to test your knowledge or issue certificates for PFR graduates.
The following study will teach the connection between the spiritual and the physical. To ‘read’ a person we need to understand the sources of energy that brought him to existence.
Someone asked me once “How can I be a Kabbalistic healer?” my simple answer was “Start by becoming a Kabbalist.”. When you come to study PFR, focus first on the spiritual aspects then it will be easy to understand and ‘read’ the physical.

Previously we learned that there is a parallel between the YHVH and the ADNY. YHVH is the aspect of the spiritual and aspect of mercy and ADNY is how the upper light appears in the world below that is physical level and judgment.

The Zohar teaches us that there are ten aspects of ‘correction’ in the human body.
1. Hair 2. forehead 3. ears 4. face 5. eyes 6. nose 7. mouth 8. neck 9. hands 10. body

Hair: Colors, length, density and curls
Forehead: Length, width, folds and lines.
Ears: Shape, position, hair in the ears
Face: The other meaning of the word face, פנים is ‘inner’. A person’s face reveals everything about his inner energy and the driving forces in his life.
Eyes: Color, size, eye ball size, eye brows
Nose: Length, width, general shape
Mouth: Size, openness, lips, position (between nose and chin)
Neck: Length, lines, skin folds
Hands: Palms: Shape, open, closed, lines (and a lot more)
Body: Height, limb size, natural posture

White hair color comes from roots of Chessed. The ‘hair’ of Atik (Keter) are white, like pure cotton and is the source of Chessed. People with white hair have the potential to do good more than other people. The color change of hair color in older people represents energy shift to the aspect of Chessed.

Red color hair comes from roots of Gevurah. Represents stronger energy, passion, pursuing goals and having more desire to manifest. King David had red hair. A person (usually women) who changes their hair color to red means that they want to be noticed. A change of energy of some new desires affected the color change.

Hair from green roots represent central column and balance. Usually people with mix of light hair colors have green roots. Most blonds have green roots. They seek balance and truth.

Black hair represents Malchut and interpretation is based on other aspects of the hair’s appearance.