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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -930
Hebrew translation:

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Tikkun 70 – 35

The aspect of white in the body can be from Chessed of the pure and holy system or from Chessed of the impure system.
We can find the true nature of people by examining their actions.
Lavan the Aramean,לָבָן הָאֲרַמִּי , Jacob’s father in law, looked like a righteous person but was a wizard from the impure system. His actions revealed a selfish and deceiving man.

He was white because he channeled the high level souls of Lea and Rachel for Jacob to marry. In many cases, the light conceals great souls in the dept of the negative side to protect them and save them for the proper time to fulfill their purpose in the world.

Abraham came from Terach, the idol worshiper to connect the world to one God and one system of the Tree of Life. Isaac was born with a different soul but changed to be a chariot of the left column when his father took him to be sacrificed.

Jacob came after Esau to take the first born right later. He also let Esau go before him Genesis 33:14 so he can come again at the end of time to inherit the benefits of the Final Redemption. Israelites are the children of Israel who is Jacob. Now is the time that the light of the Zohar shines around the world and wakes up their souls.

Moses ‘hid’ in the palace of Pharaoh and grew up there until the moment, assigned by God, to take out the Israelites from Egypt, giving them the Torah. He is hiding among us in every generation until the time comes for him to open the upper gates and like he brought the Israelites to the Promised Land he will lead the way for Mashiach to be revealed in the world.

Rabbi Shimon went into hiding for 12 years in order to build the greatest light the world has ever seen.
The Holy Ari was living in a small place in Egypt until he was called to move to Israel and reveal deeper secrets of the Zohar.

The soul of the Holy Ari merged with the soul of Holy Rabbi Ashlag to expand the Ari to new levels that were never available to the people.

All of you have wonderful spark of light inside your contaminated shells. Let it grow and come out of your hidden place because it’s time.

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