The month of Kislev is known to have the energy of Light and miracles.
It is the ninth month in the Hebrew calendar and it corresponds to the Sefira of Yessod, which is the ‘funnel’ of Light to the world. Knowing that explains why this month is so special and many positive events happened in Jewish history.

The building of the first Holy Temple took seven years to establish connection to the seven Sefirot (1 Kings 6:38). The process was completed on the 8th month and when we build up from Malchut we come to Binah. The Temple was ready on the 9th month and it’s Yessod when we follow the flow of Light coming down from above. The spiritual opening that was established when the holy temple was created formed an impression of energy for all generations to follow.

On the 25th of Kislev we celebrate Chanukah connecting to the miracle that the Maccabees revealed. They restored the flow of Light in second Holy Temple. They removed the impurities that the Greeks brought into the temple and lit the Menorah that was the channel to draw Light from the upper levels.

The Maccabees had the merit to reveal the energy of miracles in their actions because they had strong faith and commitment to be with and follow the Light. They didn’t think about how big was the Greek army. They knew the God is greater than any physical force.

The small can of pure oil that the Maccabees found to light the Menorah in the Holy Temple was according to the sages a can of oil used by Jacob. I hope to expand on this story when I write about Hanukkah.

During Hanukkah we light a total of 36 candles (1+2+3+…8) to connect to the special Light that is called Ohr Haganuz. The sages teach us that when Adam was created he enjoyed from this Light for 36 hours (Yerushalmi, Berachot 8:5). Before it was concealed Adam could see the entire creation. The impression of this Light in his soul was transferred to us and we have the potential to connect to this Light.

Righteous people may have the merit to receive a connection to this Light that gives them ability to see beyond the limitation of the five senses. Some may have abilities to ascend their souls to higher spiritual levels while living in their body.
During the time of Hanukkah we read the portion of Miketz where we read how Joseph, who is the chariot (conduit) for the Sefira of Yessod, becomes the second to Pharaoh and has full control over the sustenance of the world (Genesis 42:6).

On Shabbat we have easier access to the Light of Binah and similarly, on the ninth of Kislev, we have easy access to Yessod of Yessod. Even though we can access Yessod with our meditations and prayers, on the 9th of Kislev the gate of Yessod of Yessod is open.

Pixabay ImageThis year the 9th of Kislev falls on Shabbat and it’s a perfect time to meditate and elevate our connections to a higher level. Our prayers can pass easily through the gate of Yessod that usually only Tzadikim can break through it. This Shabbat we are going to read more of the Zohar and meditate on others in need to open greater channel for ourselves. When we read Zohar on Shabbat it is considered as we reveal 1000 times more Light that during the weekdays. During the time of shabbat afternoon (3rd meal) it’s even 10,000 times more. Gather your friends and make a special 3rd meal with the Zohar connection.

During the month of Kislev, which is all Yessod, it’s very important to give Tithe and Tzedakah. Don’t miss or postpone this opportunity of giving. When you give during this month you create affinity with Yessod and more blessings from the energy of this month, which are miracles, may come to you. The actions of Tithe and Tzedakah remove the aspect of death from our lives and transform judgments to mercy. Give your Tithe and Tzedaka in multiplication of 9 with the consciousness of connecting to Yessod, supporting the flow of Light to the world.

Rabbi Shimon is Tzadik Yessod Olam. It means that he’s a Tzadik that supports the foundations of the world. He opened the channel of Yessod for us and gave us the Zohar as the best tool for spiritual elevation and drawing Light.

This Shabbat we put greater focus on making social gathering with Zohar reading, scanning, and study. We all need more Light in our lives and the world. Wherever you are in the world, invite a few friends or sit with your family, to scan Zohar for at least 18 minutes (9×2).

The study above and the actions we do now connect us to the potential power of miracles available during this month.

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