The month of Av starts heavy and dark, and the negative energy allows the other side to destroy the Holy temples on the ninth of Av. After the ninth, we have a little relief, but the month turns positive on the fifteenth of the month, which is a full moon. On this day, Zeir Anpin and Malchut are in complete unification, and a great light reveals in the world. On this day, the world is ‘conceived.’ Forty days later, God created the world on the 25th of Elul. It is like a baby’s heart in a womb receiving his first pulse.
Darkness is stronger before the Light appears, which is why the ninth of Av is considered the birth of Mashiach.
During these dark times, we keep the certainty in Hashem, and with complete faith, we know that even if everything is dark and difficult around us, we keep going toward the Light.
The Torah and Zohar studies give us the energy we need during these times.