We are just before Rosh Hashanah and in the following posts I’ll bring some important advices to get ready before the ‘appearance in court’ to have a good verdict and a new blessed year.
On Rosh Hashanah God created Adam and Eve and on the same day they sinned, brought mortality to the world and created judgment for all future generations. Every year we, as parts of Adam’s soul, stands in trial to be evaluated and receive life fore for the coming year. This will continue until Mashiach comes and we have final peace and immortality.
Every element of Creation is ‘judged’ because the world was created for Adam/us.
The two days’ process is according to Kabbalah considered as one day of 48 hours long. We are all sparks of the soul of Adam and Eve and as such we are judged every year until the end of days.
This year is 5778 years since the creation of man. It is the 70th since Israel declaration of independence in 1948. The number 70 is significant because it tells about a complete process/cycle. The state of Israel declared to be a home for all Jews, inviting them to come back ‘home’. That opening also fulfilled the prophecies about the gathering of the children of Israel from all over the world. The Torah is the unifying element for the Children of Israel and many in recent generations came back to study and follow it.
The world is going through a period of great chaos. It seems like heaven and earth are working against us. Deadly storms (water, air), Fire, earthquakes (earth) and plagues (air) are all over the world. Hurricane Irma sounds like the initials ארמע for Fire, Wind, Water and earth. We feel as if are already under harsh judgment and can’t tell what kind of ‘surprise’ we will wake up to on the next day.
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