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The entire world feels the spiritual shift in the world. Satan and all of his agents are roaming the earth causing harms to people everywhere. Forces of separation and extreme are visible all over the world. We see evil doers everywhere and even if we can cover our eyes and think that it will pass, it won’t. Not this time. The negativity is too strong.
We are blessed to have the Zohar studies in our lives and that is the only tool promised to protect us like being in Noah’s Ark during the Flood.
We have very short time to prepare for Rosh Hashanah as we need to stand before the judge as pure as possible so we can receive a good ‘pass’ to have the protection of the Ark.
We prepare ourselves by making self-accounting on our actions during the last year. We forgive those who made us wrong because if we’re not then we would be carrying judgments that attract more judgments. We ask forgiveness from those we hurt in one way or another. If we cannot see the person and correct the situation, we give Tzedakah with the consciousness of regretting the action and pray to have the situation corrected with the Tzedakah that we give.
We should remove bread of shame by paying all of our debts, spiritual or material. Payment plans are excluded. We want to give the Tithe we owe from the past year to remove any and all aspects of death from ourselves. Giving tithe make room for ‘life’ energy to come to us. We should make promise to share our next year’s tithe with all sources that benefit us spiritually. We have the responsibility to make sure that we give to the righteous causes. We should avoid giving to corrupt organizations that may have 10s or 100s of millions in their bank accounts. Having so much money means that they do very little for their followers and for people in need on a spiritual or material levels. Giving money to such organizations is like making direct deposits into their fat accounts, making them richer while adding to the aspect of death because the money we give is not properly used.
Our tithe should be used positively for the entire congregation and beyond. It should be transformed into ‘life’ and continuation of light. True spiritual leaders, rabbis and teachers do their work for spiritual reasons, not to get rich and live like royals. All the great kabbalists that we study from, like rabbi Shimon, The holy Ari, Rabbi Ashlag and all the greats in between, were humble and run away from accumulating money, even though they could easily make money and have all the pleasures of the world. The Torah forbids us from wasting our God given blessings in the wrong places.
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