For the honor of Rabbi Avaraham Azulai on his death anniversary, Hillula, I bring this special study from his book Chessed L’Avraham.

After you light the candle for his soul, read from his book(s) or listen to this reading (Less than two minutes, link below) to increase the level of connection to this great Tzadik.


Reading from Chessed L’Avraham 1-18 מעין ראשון, נהר י”ח


Translation of the above text:

avrahamazulaiDuring the redemption process of Israel, the governance of the spiritual system will be with the Light of Chokmah that comes from Keter and reveled in Binah. Miracles will control nature and the Israelites will have greater success that during the days of King Solomon. His ruling was from the Light of Binah that comes from Chokmah. That Light was also coming from Keter because the first Holy Temple was in existence and the Light of the Creator could easily flow to the world. It helped the people in the correction process of the world.
The complete correction of the world can be achieved only when the power of the other side is eliminated. When that happens the power of Teshuvah, Repentance, is voided and people won’t be able to correct their actions.
Teshuvah is from Binah and during the time of Mashiach this Light reacts only to Chokmah and therefore Teshuva has no effect. The wicked then will be lost and die.
People will continue to be born and die until the final process of reincarnation. Then the Resurrection begins and the purified souls will come to life.

This secret has many explanations that can be found in another places. The most important thing to know is that the Light of Chokmah will be revealed in Binah and the wisdom of people will grow to higher levels and they will understand many secrets of the Torah. They will become pure, righteous with ability to see the future. The secrets of the Torah will be widely known beyond what we can imagine at this time and there will be increase in this revelation with time.

This process will continue until the end of the sixth millennium that we live in. Then in the seventh millennium, the Light of Keter will spread and renew the world with Light that we cannot grasp at this time. People will have elevated consciousness that we cannot imagine. The Light of Keter that will be revealed in the world will allow us to see the truth of everything and the true reason and cause for the creation of the world.


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