This is an important and fundamental lesson about revealing Light and removing darkness. I bring it together with the Light of Hanukkah because understanding the principles of this lesson and  implementing this knowledge can bring great Light.

One of the most important spiritual correction in life is the ‘Bread of Shame’. Everyone was born with it and the soul carries it while living in the body.

The soul receives life force energy for its existence in the body. It also gives it the ability to act like the Creator. This free energy is the aspect of receiving ‘bread’. Since it’s free, it carries the aspect of ‘shame’. To remove the ‘shame’ of receiving the Light for free we need to share our energy like the source that provides this energy for us. Our work in life includes the removal of the ‘Bread of shame’, in addition to the work of purifying and building the soul.

Everything in life has the aspect of the ten Sefirot. The tenth Sefira, Malchut, doesn’t haveLight of its own. Therefore the tenth part of anything we receive has no Light. It becomes impure, allowing an open gate for negativity to enter through it and ‘contaminate’ the other parts of the whole. To avoid that, we should transform the tenth to Light by sharing it. Sharing is a form of restriction/Tzimtzum that replaces ‘darkness’ with Light.

In Zohar Terumah (from paragraph #34 on), Rabbi Shimon explains that we must reveal and earn the Light in our lives with full payment. Anything taken or received for free carries impure energy that transforms into chaos.

When the ‘bread of shame’ is removed from a person’s life, he can enjoy a better flow of Light in all aspects of his life. It can be general success, sustenance, health or even better, greater opportunities to reveal more Light and expand the soul. It all depends on the individual’s Tikun process. Without giving a tithe, which is the tenth, the aspect of death in our actions gets stronger and we experience all kinds of loss and chaos.

CC BY by OC Always

CC BY by OC Always

The month of Kislev is the ninth of the year and the aspect of Yessod, the Sefira that helps us connect and receive the Light in Malchut. The eight days of Hanukkah is an excellent time for us to remove Bread of Shame. On Hanukkah we give the kids coins so they can practice giving Tzedakah. Unfortunately this important tradition of high value to connect to the Light of Hanukkah was transformed into desire for the self. Kids expect cash or gifts every day of Hanukkah when they better do Tzedakah and draw Light of miracles. Giving Tzedakah is important connection before Shabbat and before holidays especially on the holidays of great miracles like Hanukkah and Purim.

This study comes to help you understand the importance of sharing at this time. I suggest making a list of all those who regularly help you in revealing Light in your life. Share your tithe among all of them. It doesn’t matter if your tithe is a million or a hundred. Give to your place of service and to your teachers, online and offline. The tithe should be shared proportionally to the spiritual value you receive from each of them. If you eat and pay in one restaurant, you can’t grab food for free from another restaurant just because you already paid in the other. There’s no free food and no free Light. You must earn the Light to avoid chaos and loss in your life. Only then you can have the merit to reveal miracles in your life.

In his article “The Peace” Rabbi Ashlag quotes Rabbi Akiva saying: “Everything is given to us in trust. The shop is open and the shopkeeper gives credit. Anyone can come and borrow, but the shopkeeper writes everything in his book. The collectors come later to collect from the borrower with or without his knowledge“. Rabbi Ashlag gives this example and explains that God registers every action we make. We must earn and shape our lives according to this understanding.

If you study and use the tools of the Daily Zohar then it would be beneficial for you to contribute. Don’t forget others.

Use the link below to help you calculate your tithe to one or more channels of Light.
Happy Hanukkah and B”H you all experience miracles and great revelation of Light in your lives.

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Link to download Excel spreadsheet to help you calculate your tithe.

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