The ninth of Av is a day of fasting, remembering the destruction of the two Holy Temples.
During this day, we avoid any comfort or pleasure.
We sit on the floor but not directly on the ground or bare floor. We need a separation between us and the floor. A carpet, a pillow, or a low stool would be okay to separate us from direct contact with the floor that has aspects of the judgment. After mid-day (according to the Hebrew clock), we rise and sit as usual.

The sages tell us.
(ירושלמי יומא פ”א ה”א ה.) כל דור שלא נבנה בית המקדש בימיו כאילו נחרב בימיו
“Every generation that did not see the Holy Temple built in its days as if it had been destroyed in its days.”

Torah and Zohar’s studies are considered a pleasure, so we do not study. But we can read and study anything related to the destruction of the Holy Temple to feel the lack of the great light that the Holy Temple channeled to the whole world. Zohar Eicha (Lamentation) texts are below.
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The 9th of Av is considered the birthday of Mashiach. B”H we see him with all his glory on this day, Amen.

Torah reading for the 9th of Av – Morning

Haftara for the morning of 9th of Av

Eicha – Zohar reading for 9th of Av. A Zohar study on the book of Lamentation.

Concealed secrets of Zohar Eicha