On Rosh Hashanah we are judged and on Yom Kippur we receive the verdict that tells us how much light and energy of life we will have for the coming year. During the ten days from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur we are observed closely by the ‘court’ that evaluate the size and purity of our vessel. The Shabbat that comes after Rosh Hashanah has the most power to cleanse our soul. It is also our last opportunity to purify our vessel.

The portion that is read on this Shabbat is Haazinu. Moses speaks his last words to the nation of Israel before God takes him. You can read my commentary from previous years here: http://rabbishimon.com/?p=566.

Another important point to add is that the Zohar related to Haazinu includes a special Zohar section called Idra Zuta. It describes the passing of Rabbi Shimon from this world to the supernal world with a special delivery of secrets revealed by Rabbi Shimon. I wrote a translation to the significant part of it with commentary that explains the awesome light available when connecting to the Idra Zuta.

During the coming Shabbat and also on the death anniversary of Rabbi Shimon, it is best to connect to the Idra Zuta. By the merit of Rabbi Shimon, it will help us achieve purity for our vessel and be ready for the gifts on Yom Kippur.

Click here to read Idra Zuta. It is in PDF format that you can forward it to your friends freely.

Also read the special article and Zohar for Rosh Hashanah, https://dailyzohar.com/?p=5396 to get a better preparation and support system for the coming year.

Shanah Tovah