The sages of the Talmud teach us;
אין התורה מתקיימת אלא במי שממית עצמו עליה
(ברכות סג)
“The Torah sustains only a person that kill himself on it” (Berachot 63:)

This study in the Talmud came from the statement in Numbers 19:14
“ זֹאת, הַתּוֹרָה, אָדָם, כִּי-יָמוּת בְּאֹהֶל” “This is the Torah: when a man dies in a tent,”

In simple words, here we learn that the light of the Torah can not be channeled through a person who doesn’t kill his desires for the self alone.

Our souls were created as vessels for the light with the desire for the self. God created us this way, so we can accept and enjoy his Light. This is our natural state and is embedded in our soul. The body is a vessel for the soul and is nourished by it. Without the soul, the body seizes to exist.

The Torah is our connection to the Light of the Creator that is only sharing. Logically we can say that, it is a perfect state of a giver and a receiver but because the soul is in a body that has its own desires, there is a conflict and distance from the light. The soul that is a part of God is in pain when it can’t get the light it used be surrounded with.
To bridge the gap and enjoy the light of the Torah we need to break the desires of the body and make it a tool for the soul with a desire to share and do for others. With that we connect to the attributes of God and the Torah and this allows us to channel the light and benefit from it.

This teaching is for everyone who wishes to benefit from the Study of the Zohar that is the ultimate tool to reveal the light of the Torah.
Before asking for money, health, relationship and any other worldly goodness, we have to correct ourselves.
A person may want or need money desperately for himself and family but he may have some Klipot that block the light of sustenance from appearing in his life. The first task is soul cleansing and when it’s done, the light will come and shine on the corrected areas of his life. Some people take the Zohar and immediately look for the ‘magic pills’. They ask “What should I read for sustenance?” “What should I read for health?” What should I read for soul mate?”
The answer for all of these questions is “Read the entire Zohar”. It is true that there are sections in the Zohar that reveal light of sustenance, health, relationship and everything else, but a person should prepare his vessel for it.

One of the tools that can give us the benefit of reading the entire Zohar is Visit the site to read what it is all about and join the reading cycle. You may read a few pages but when the whole Zohar is read , we all get the merit of reading the entire Zohar individually.

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