Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -135.

Tikkun #10 – continue

With the prayer of Shema Israel, the Holy one bless be He, come down to sit on his throne. Then comes the Silent connection that need to be done in silence like standing before the Holy throne. This is done to elevate the connection to the upper 3 Sefirot.
The righteous making this connection with Love and Awe. They justify the hardship in their lives as part of the process to cling to the light of the Creator and accept everything as a cause to do better.
Because of that they merit the transformation of their wrong doings to be as good dids.
To explain that, Rabbi Brandwein in his commentary to this section bring a story about a Israelite that work faithfully for his master, then one day the master goes for a long trip and leave the business to his manager. This one didn’t like the Israelites and put him in shame by judging him to 5 whips in public. When the master came back and heard the story he knew the truth and ordered the manager to reward the Israelite with 1000 money for every whip.
He went home with the 5000 and cried. They asked him to why is he crying and he said that he wish the manager beat him many more times.
Everything that we do must be with joy regardless of the illusionary pain. If we understand that process must include pain in order to elevate our soul then it will be easier to accept the process. Then we can turn pain to joy and hardship to steps up for the soul. Nothing is more important than that, especially in our time. You are what your soul is, not your flesh that is continuously renewed to keep the soul inside. Your body from few months ago is not the same as now, but your soul is.
When you have a scar on your skin, is it the same scar as the one from last year. Yes by the look of it but no because you have totally new skin over there. The “memory” of the scar is in your soul, not your skin or flesh.
Watch for your soul, not your body, which you can use as a slave for the soul.  (See https://dailyzohar.com/?p=1105)