Baruch Hashem for giving me the energy to study and share the wisdom of the sacred Zohar. I see each of them as a blessing and a gift from God.
Thank you to those translated and to those who keep translating the Daily Zohar to Spanish (Daniel), Portugues(Jorge), French(Philippe) and Italian(Bruno).  God bless those who contributed translations in the past. Their translations can be read on the Facebook pages. We are working hard on creating subs site for the DZ translations with the option to subscribe to any specific language.
Thanks to all who contribute and support the Daily Zohar. You are spiritual partners and share the merits of the DZ projects. Hashem blesses you with miracles and all that is good for you. Thanks to all subscribers for keeping with the daily studies, forming a great vessel for the Zohar and reveal its light all over the world. There are others close to my heart and soul that support the DZ and me on spiritual and other levels. God rewards them with endless blessings.
For this special occasion, I’m sharing with some personal pictures of the ‘command center’ of the DZ projects. I have a small corner in our living room. I have much more books that you can see in the pictures. You may click on the images to view a larger scale.
You may click on the images to view a larger scale.
My little corner in the living room.

Some of my books. There are more in other places.

My living room.

Baruch Hashem, I have a day job to provide for my family. During my commute to work (3 hours of total commute time) I study and write if i’m not catching up with lost sleep. Sorry, no pictures of me sleeping on the train ;). I complete the study and publish from home, where I deal with the other DZ projects.

I have the text of Zohar Hasulam on half of the screen and the other half I use Google docs so it can be shared on my phone and on my home PC.

The Daily Zohar ‘visited’ Mount Sinai.
A dear friend climbed Mount Sinai and sent some pictures as well as the stone that held the paper where it is written “”.
It would like to create a gallery of pictures from people around the world, showing a print with “” or “” written on it. It should be a known place and or a place that can be located via Google street view. Email pictures (reply to this email) with the name or address of the location where the picture was taken. Those who send verified pictures would receive one free virtual candle on or Tzadikim pages for 91 days.
Please share the DZ with your friends.
With love to all