Celebrating Daily Zohar #100

Thank God for bringing us this far in our endeavor to spread the wisdom of the Zohar; God willing, we’ll be able to complete our study of the entire Tikkunei Zohar. At this time, we would like to take a moment and ask for your support. Please forward the Daily Zohar to your friends and family, and encourage them to subscribe to the newsletter. As we have previously stated, the goal of this important project is to give humanity the opportunity to connect to the Light through the work of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. By creating this connection, we support the final generations in witnessing the coming redemption with mercy, the mercy that is available solely by connecting to the writings of the Zohar.

Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -100.

Before you read this commentary I want you to take your mind out of limitation of the images that are going to come while reading the text. The shapes are just symbols to the spiritual forces. Dots are not real dots that radiate energy; they are just representation of specific root energy. If I write the name Samson then you know that the name represents a person with tremendous energy. The name is a garment and a revelation of the energy of Samson powers. Even when I say “shape” to describe energy it means that it takes the same attributes of another energy type.
When Malchut elevated to Binah it took the shape of Binah,  which is represented by the Letter Heh ה. When Malchut went back (down) it kept the shape but the energy changed because of the distance.

Now distance is another word that cannot have different meaning spiritually. Spiritually, distance decribes the difference between the energies. Keep these general concepts in mind so you won’t limit the ability to understand and absorb the energy from the scanned text and the attached commentary.

Tikkun #5 – Continue

The driving force for the world of Malchut represented by the Segol segol. This symbol represent the driving force for the electron proton and neutron. The dots of Malchut represented as Shuruk shuruk1. The force above implies to Keter and Chokmah one below for Binah. Tiferet and Malchut are in the middle to bind and balance the two lines.

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