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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -1034

Tikkun 5 – 8

The correction for a person that steals from another is, death by sword. Taking another person’s energy without his permission has the spiritual effect of bleeding out. The correction should be in a similar form and the thief’s blood should be poured out of his body by the force of piercing (Sword, Knife, and Bullet etc.). Death in a car accident with open wounds is death by sword. If the body was smashed without bleeding, then it is death by stoning.

Deuteronomy 24:13
“ הָשֵׁב תָּשִׁיב לוֹ אֶת-הַעֲבוֹט כְּבוֹא הַשֶּׁמֶשׁ, וְשָׁכַב בְּשַׂלְמָתוֹ וּבֵרְכֶךָּ; וּלְךָ תִּהְיֶה צְדָקָה, לִפְנֵי יְהוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ”
“thou shalt surely restore to him the pledge when the sun goeth down, that he may sleep in his garment, and bless thee; and it shall be righteousness (Tzedaka) unto thee before YHVH thy God ”

One of the Torah laws relates to how to deal with pledges. One should restore the pledge before sundown so he can receive blessings and become righteous before God.

It looks like a big reward for something that is logically an obligation, but the Zohar gives us the deeper explanation.
The sun is the aspect of the life force that God gives us as a garment for the body to work on this world. We should keep this garment and make it better before returning it back to its owner. When we do so, we achieve the aspect of righteousness and we are blessed with more light in the world to come.

Exodus 22:25
“אִם-חָבֹל תַּחְבֹּל, שַׂלְמַת רֵעֶךָ–עַד-בֹּא הַשֶּׁמֶשׁ, תְּשִׁיבֶנּוּ לוֹ.”
“If thou at all take thy neighbour’s garment to pledge, thou shalt restore it unto him by that the sun goeth down; ”

The Zohar tells us that this verse implies the connection to Tefilin and prayers of the morning, when the sun rises and connects us to Chessed. We can connect to the light until it goes away. Making spiritual connections on a daily basis keep us connected to the Light and reward us with Light, Sheild, Grace and Glory and the next verse from Palms says:

Psalms 84:12
“כִּי שֶׁמֶשׁ, וּמָגֵן– יְהוָה אֱלֹהִים:
חֵן וְכָבוֹד, יִתֵּן יְהוָה;
לֹא יִמְנַע-טוֹב, לַהֹלְכִים בְּתָמִים.”
“For YHVH God is a sun and a shield; {N}
YHVH giveth grace and glory; {N}
no good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly. ”

The following verse from a prophecy about the Final Redemption reveals that the people with Awe to YHVH will experience the light that will remove all ills from their lives.

Malachi 3:20
“וְזָרְחָה לָכֶם יִרְאֵי שְׁמִי, שֶׁמֶשׁ צְדָקָה, וּמַרְפֵּא, בִּכְנָפֶיהָ.”
“But unto you that fear (Awe) My name shall the sun of righteousness arise with healing in its wings; and ye shall go forth…”

Psalms 89:27
“זַרְעוֹ, לְעוֹלָם יִהְיֶה; וְכִסְאוֹ כַשֶּׁמֶשׁ נֶגְדִּי ”
“His seed shall endure for ever, and his throne as the sun before Me.”