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Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -1038

Tikkun 5 – 12

The precepts and all good actions that a person does, can protect the soul from harm and influence of the negative side. If it is done with expectation for rewards, then the consciousness of desire for the self alone is attached to the action. When this action is evaluated in the upper court, the prosecutor takes control over it and the light that was given for the action now supports the negative side.

Actions that are not all good are ‘punished’/corrected with aspect of Chessed and it affects the person’s money and properties. Instead of being harmed on the body he just loses money or material possessions that he acquired on the physical level. In such cases, the person keeps his health and energy, allowing him recovery by correcting his ways.

When the actions are mostly bad, then the correction is from the aspect of the left column, Gevurah. It is a harsher correction and the person could lose his health or his life. He also loses any soul level achieved previously.

Every positive action we do should be selfless and for the benefit of others. If we have merit then the light of the action will help us in our Tikkun. To complete our correction, we must go against our nature. To be close to God we need to become like God, which is unconditional giving. I am not talking just about money but revealing light in every action. We should be sensitive and care for our friends and everyone around. When we feel that they are in need of a good word or a hug, we just jump and do it (if they let us). Acting this way, we can gather a lot of good points to be used in the upper court to better our souls and lives.

Another aspect of becoming like God is spreading Light. Reading and scanning Zohar is an important action that affects the entire world so even if we are unable to leave home and connect to many people, we can open the Zohar and meditate for everyone we know.