Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -122.

Tikkun #7

בראשית is ירא בשת, two words for Awe and Shame. Woe to Samael, the head of all negative side that when the Holy One Bless be He will come to redeem the Shechina and her sons, the Israelites.
He will prosecute Samael and his 70 ministers on every hardship that they inflict on the Israelites in exile.

This will happen because the Holy one Bless be He, reveled to the them their reward if they will respect the Israelites in exile.
Like it said (Genesis 39:5) “…and YHVH blessed the Egyptian’s household for Joseph’s sake….”

Because the ministers bring shame and disgrace on the Israelites, a voice from heaven comes out and calls Samael with the words ירא בשת, and your end will be in shame from the Holy One Bless be He that is the heavens.