Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -123.

Tikkun #8

בראשית is ש for שמים , heavens and ירא בית, Awe of the house, that is ראש בית, head of the house.
The letter ש represents Zeir Anpin and and the head of the house, which is Malchut.

Samael and his ministers did not have awe for the house and they cause the destruction of the first and second temple.

The building of the first two temples were made by the people and that is why the negativity could destroy them. It said in Psalms 127:1 “If YHVH does not build a house then those who built it work in vain”.

The final house will be built by the Holy One, bless be He on the supernal level and on the lower level
The Upper Shechina, which is Binah and the Lower, Malchut will join together to have a complete flow of the light form above to below. On that it said in Isaiah 30:26 “and the light of the full moon will be like the Suns’s glare and the Sun’s glare will be sevenfold like the light of the of the seven days…”

Samael and his female that are Zeir Anpin and Female of the Klipa, will not connect to the higher light because they didn’t give the respect and awe to the heavens, that is Zeir Anpin and the Shechina.