This Daily Zohar is dedicated to the elevation of the soul of

for the soul of Teresa Bat Rafael Teresa bat Rafael

May her soul have quick ascend to her resting place in heaven.

Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -134.

Tikkun #10 – continue

The spiritual unification of upper and lower is like connecting the groom with the bride. The bride is Malchut and the Tefilin is like a golden crown on the head of the bride. The Tefilin of hand is the ring on her hand.
When the bride is decorated and ready, we invite the groom, that is Zeir Anpin, and they are in their wedding.

The spiritual connection that is always for the purpose of drawing the supernal light by unifying the light and vessel requires preparation and tools to achieve that.
A person in his connection represent Malchut and with the Tefilin and other tools he connects to Zeir Anpin. The Shema Yisarel prayer is drawing down the essense of the light from its root, which is supernal Father and Mother to the Mother, Binah and to Zeir Anpin.

In the unification of the Bride and Groom below we need to assemble 10 people with a leader to bless them with 7 blessings.while they are standing.
The angels of the blessings bring the holiness to the couple and elevate the soul of the groom to a higher level with the blessings over the Myrtal branches. The bride is silent during the connection as she represent Malchut and her meditation to be a vessel for the light channeled by the groom.

After the blessings and with the physical unification the groom meditate to transfer the level of the soul of Ruach to the bride. This create the flow of energy on the highest level between the couple and establish a strong bond on the soul level.