Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -139.

Tikkun #12

בראשית, is the first word and saying of the 10 sayings of creation and all that followed. It reveals the inner lights coming out from the world of Emanation that is called ראשית, “Beginning”. The letter ב in the aspect of Malchut elevated to the root of the beginning to create a connection from the beginning to the end.

This connection brought out Binah from the head of that beginning, called Arich Anpin. The name long face, tells about it stretch influence throughout creation (like the saying from head to toe).

Binah that came out from that supernal head, included all the 32 words of אלהים, Elokim, mentioned in the 10 sayings of creation. (…And Elokim said “let there be…”).

The Creation was made from the aspect of Gevura, represented by the name Elokim and red fire.

Moses was from the tribe of Levi, that are Gevura and left column and that is why God revealed himself to him in the burning bush, סנה בוער. God appeared in a form to match Moses’s spiritual level to make a stronger connection with him.

The Zohar asks why God revealed himself using element of left and judgment and answers that it was done to show the hardship and urgency to take the Israelites out of Egypt.

The Israelites are like the roses among the Erev Rav. They are the mix multitude and all the negativity that attached to the Israelites to take from their energy and to delay the Redemption, then and now.