This Daily Zohar is dedicated for the elevation of the souls of;

Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -138.

Tikkun #11 – Continue

continue of Daily Zohar # 137

When Malchut gets connected to Binah with purity and true desire for the light, the gate of tears open and bring down the energy of mercy. The Zohar says that it is like when you are filled with compassion and love for another person. The pure feeling for the others elevate the soul to the level of Binah. It is the proper time to ask for them, even with a simple blessing like “God, please bless them with everything good”.

When you ask for others, forget about yourself . You are not important, you just had the opportunity to see a situation that elevated you to Binah and made you a channel for that light. If you include yourself it will just block everything and you lose all the light that was there.

Each time you see and feel that someone is in need for a blessings, just say in your mind “God, please bless them”. Never belittle yourself for the ability to bless others. You may have nothing material to give but there are no limits to the spiritual energy that you can channel.

Gate of Music נגון

The Zohar tells about a palace that can be opened with music (singing with joy). King David used to come into this palace with his high level playing and songs. Music is on a higher level connection than words. Heart created music and tones of singing touches “cords” that vibrate inside of us and can bring us to tears, meaning elevation of the soul.

Gate to the Palace of Light

There is also a gate of Light that is open for a person that deals with the light of Torah.
The Zohar radiates the Light of Torah and is the key to this gate. When studying the Zohar we have a better tool to have our prayers answered.

The Tikkunei Zohar that we bring here on the are the actual keys to that gate because Rabbi Shimon focused the Zohar discussions of the Tikkunim to the first word of the Torah, בראשית, which is the closest one to the level of Binah, where the Torah came out from. The first letter of the Torah ב, B, is larger and we can used it to connect to Binah and Blessings.

Your eyes are the tools for blessings, just point and shoot a blessing. If you read this then you have greater light than most of the population. Wherever you go, spread blessings. Don’t stop and put your hands on people’s head. Just express it in your mind. You see a pregnant woman, bless her with righteous children. You see a disabled, bless him with strength and health. Bless everyone to be able to see the light and have unconditional love to everyone.

Now that you know the secret of the gates, open them for others. Share your blessings.