Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -148.

Tikkun #13 continue

The five levels of the soul have foundations in the heart to bring the spiritual work into “life”.
The sages said that the heart listens, sees, and hears. Those are the first three, then we have the fourth, which is the vapor of the mouth in Hebrew הבל and have the same letters as “the Heart”, הלב. It is the רוח, wind, “spirit”, from the heart and from it comes the sound, utter, words. The fifth is the thoughts of the heart as it said in Psalms, “Many are the thoughts in a man’s heart…”

The arteries are the soldiers that follow their king, which is the heart with the five levels of control. Like, as the wind blows they follow the direction of the heart and spread the energy throughout the body. The blood is at the level of Nefesh and it carries and manifests the energy coming out of the heart.

The actions of speaking vibrates in the walls of the lungs. It feeds the heart by sending fire energy through the blood from the lung and then to the whole body.

The thought that comes out from the mind and is spoken out affects our physical being directly.

Choose your words wisely. Scan or read the Zohar to vibrate positive energy in your body.