Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -149.

Tikkun #13 continue

Fourth type of Psalms is a song (Mizmor) that comes from the right hand with Chessed as it said in Psalms 98.
The Holy right hand will bring the Redemption (Psalms 60:1 and Isaiah 53:1, 62:8).

The right hand includes the name YHVH where the Yod is the palm of the Hand, H is the five fingers, the Arm is Vav and the Shoulder, כתף, with numerical value of 500, is the lower H,
Moses is and will be the channel for the right arm of YHVH as it said in Isaiah 63:12.

A person should not stretch his hand up above his head for a prayer without a good reason. When he does so, he activates a connection to the Holy name and angels are rushing to do their duty. If the reason is not justified then the person suffers a form of judgment.