Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -147.

Tikkun #13 continue

The third type of King David’s Psalms is of praise as in Psalms 103 “Praise YHVH my soul…”

The soul has five levels that are; Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Chaya and Yechida.
The Neshama is given to man from Binah, Ruach from Zeir Anpin and Nefesh from Malchut.

As the Holy one Bless be He, sustains the whole world, so does the Neshama, sustains the whole body. As the Holy one Bless be He sees everything and cannot be seen, so is the Neshama to the body. As the Holy one Bless be He fills up the whole world so does the Neshama, fills the body. As the Holy one Bless be He, judges the world so does the Neshama.

Our soul and body reflect the system of cause and effect.

We explained previously in daily Zohar 135 https://dailyzohar.com/?p=1203 that a scar in the body remains even if the body changes its cells. The soul keeps the memory of a scar in the body. The same type of scar on the soul is left as a result of negative action. The physical body is open to physical harm when we have an “open judgment” from this life or previous one. If we create or pass judgment on others, sooner or later it comes back to hit us.

We better follow Psalms’ advice and connect the soul to blessings of YHVH that come automatic with good actions of following the system of the Tree of Life.