Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -159.

Tikkun #13 continue

This article contain advice related to maintaining a healthy body and soul. This is not a personal recommendation for YOU. It is given here to understand the relation between body and soul.
Before you apply any recommendation, consult with a professional.

The liver is located beneath the diaphragm and therefore connects to the world of action עשיה, and soul level of Nefesh.

It has the responsibility to absorb the outside energy that comes from food, filter the toxins and convert it into spiritual energy in the blood to keep the movement.

The liver has energy from the left column and it represents the desire for life and includes judgments.

The spiritual energy of the soul, Nefesh circulates in the body with the blood and as long as the blood is in constant movement, life in the body remains.

Imagine oil and water in the same vessel. To keep them together you constantly need to stir them. If you stop, then the oil will go up and separate itself from the water.

The soul will ascend the moment the blood stops circulating in the body.

Remember this principal in everything, no movement or continuation, no life.

The essence of the person is in the Liver כבד, with numerical value of 26 same as YHVH you know that it is one of the three major life sustaining body organs. The Brain , soul level of Neshama, מוח is at the Top, the Heart לב, Soul level of Ruach, is in the middle and the liver is at the bottom part.

The abbreviation for the three spells מלך , meaning King, which is the King of Malchut, kingdom. There’s no life if any one of them is missing from the body.

Whatever comes through your mind, heart and liver determines your soul’s “health” and level.

Body movement and exercise are important to keep the body in balance and allow better circulation of the blood in the body.

If the blood vessels are damaged due to negative intake, the heart, which is on a higher level tries to take control over the lack of energy. If the heart can’t do it, it will stop. The brain on the highest level connects above to the life plan of the person and if there is a reason to continue life it will make the body act to recover from the “failure” otherwise the brain will let go and the soul will leave the body.

The “King” נרנ (Nefesh, Ruach, Neshamah), leaves the body, because the “Kingdom” failed to hold them.

Balanced and healthy food is another influence on the liver and the blood. (Ask your dietitian for what is good or bad for your body). The soul “feels” better in a body that eats a little less than it’s size. Overeating poisons the soul and the body. In extreme case the soul pushes the extra food out with disgust even if the eaten food was the most delicious you ever ate. Too much good is too bad for the body. Read this again to get the point.

Above all and the factor that sets the pace of movement and the quality of the process of keeping life in the body is the way we behave. Anger and depression are the number one poisons to the body and soul. They give control to the negative system and allow it to inject the body with seeds that can grow and push away light. When the light is pushed away from the body, darkness and death take place.
To recover from serious anger situation, it is recommended to fast for a day or more if anger was in Shabbat.
Fasting takes the negative energy away from the body consciousness and allows the light to come back in with spiritual connection, especially Zohar scanning. (That is one of the reasons to why we fast on Yom Kippur)

Eat healthy and be happy.