Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -178.

Tikkun 18 Continue

When the words of the Torah and prayers ascend they are escorted by angels that are appointed to them to illuminate the way up to connect to the upper Sefirot.

Rabbi Brandwein in his commentary connects the angels to the Nikkud of the letters (the Nikkud are Hebrew vowels and they are made out of lines and dots, which represent Yod and Vav).
They are the light of the vessel. On the spiritual level, the letters are silent. This is the reason why the Torah has no Nikkud and no other markings of end of verse. There are ten places in the Torah where we can find 32 special dots above the letters but they are not connected to the Nikkud. They represent a spiritual connection to the 32 paths of Wisdom (Chokmah) and the ten Sefirot of Binah. The secret of their placement in the Torah is yet to be revealed. (Ezra Ezra.)

When we see or speak the words with Nikkud we reveal different light.