Daily Zohar 1839

Daily Zohar 1839

Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -1839

Hebrew translation:

24. רַבִּי אָחָא אָמַר, בְּשָׁעָה שֶׁעֹמֶק הַכֹּל מֵאִיר, (שֶׁסְּתוּם הַכֹּל מֵאִיר) מֵאִיר בַּנַּחַל, וְהַנַּחַל שׁוֹפֵעַ (מֵאִיר) בְּדֶרֶךְ יָשָׁר לְהַשְׁקוֹת הַכֹּל, וְאָז כָּתוּב בְּהַעֲלֹת (בְּהֵיטִיבוֹ), מִשּׁוּם שֶׁזֶּה יוֹצֵא מֵעֹמֶק הַכֹּל. בְּהַעֲלֹת, שֶׁבָּא מִצַּד עֶלְיוֹן שֶׁל עֹמֶק (שֶׁל סְתוּם) הַכֹּל שֶׁנִּקְרָא מַחֲשָׁבָה. וְהַכֹּל דָּבָר אֶחָד. וְאָז כְּנֶסֶת יִשְׂרָאֵל מִתְבָּרֶכֶת, וּבְרָכוֹת נִמְצָאוֹת בְּכָל הָעוֹלָמוֹת.
25. רַבִּי יִצְחָק פָּתַח, כָּתוּב (מלכים-א ח) בָּנֹה בָּנִיתִי בֵּית זְבֻל לָךְ מָכוֹן לְשִׁבְתְּךָ עוֹלָמִים. בֵּית זְבֻל, בֵּית זְבוּל וַדַּאי. כְּשֶׁנִּפְקְדוּ בְיָדֶיהָ כָּל גִּנְזֵי הַמֶּלֶךְ וְשׁוֹלֶטֶת בָּהֶם, אָז נִקְרָא בֵית זְבוּל. וְרָקִיעַ אֶחָד יֵשׁ שֶׁנִּקְרָא זְבוּל, שֶׁהֲרֵי זֶה נִמְצָא לְקַבֵּל בְּרָכוֹת וּלְסַדֵּר הַכֹּל, וְזֶה נִקְרָא בֵּית זְבוּל.


Zohar Beha’alotcha

1 Kings 8:13
“בָּנֹה בָנִיתִי בֵּית זְבֻל, לָךְ–מָכוֹן לְשִׁבְתְּךָ, עוֹלָמִים”
“I have indeed built you an exalted house, a place for you to dwell in forever.””

I strongly suggest reading the entire chapter.
Use this link or your own Bible. Please don’t forget to scan the original text in Hebrew to make an elevated spiritual connection.

This verse comes from the story about the completion of building the first Holy Temple by King Solomon. The Ark of the covenant that held the two Tablets brought into the Holy of Holies inside the Temple and God revealed himself inside a cloud to the people.
King Solomon said the above words after God revealed his presence in the Holy Temple. The word for ‘exalted’ in Hebrew ‘זְבֻל’ has numerical value of 39, which is equal to the numerical value of the name of God that represents the upper level of Zeir Anpin, יוד-הא-ואו. ‘house’, ‘בית’ is the aspect of the vessel and Malchut.

This part of Zohar Beha’alotcha teaches us the different aspects of elevation and connection of upper and lower levels.
The work of the High Priest with the Menorah and the Ketoret (11 incense) and the Holy Temple with the Holy of Holies and the Ark with the Tablets. To reveal Light we need a proper vessel to attract the Light.

After we lost the second Holy Temple, because of our iniquities, we must work harder to build pure vessels to draw the Light into it.
About 70 years after the destruction of the second Holy Temple Rabbi Shimon wrote the Zohar so we can have an alternative tool to the Holy Temple, allowing us to use it in order to connect Zeir Anpin and Binah to our vessel.

The Zohar is our ‘exalted house’.