Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -195.

Tikkun 18 Continue

The unification of supernal Father and Mother is represented by the names YHVH יהוה (Chokmah, Right column) and AHYH אהיה (Binah, Left Column). When we are in the standing silent prayer we connect to the unified name יאההויהה with the power of our consciousness. The other unification of יהוה and אדני as יאהדונהי is formed at the level of Da’at.
When we pray, we first need to elevate our consciousness to the highest level to create the upper unification that brings the second unification at the lower level and creates action.

When reaching the higher level, the body should be in standing position. The soul activates the self anti gravity force. (The force that holds the body vertical and prevents the body from falling down).

To understand the process, think about the two parts of the brain. Right and left (Chokmah and Binah, logic/plan and emotion) come together to form a complete vision of the next process. This activates the middle brain and the rest of the nerve system to move us into action and results.