Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -204.

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The Holy Throne is described with the word of, YSVD, יסוד, Yessod that lead to it.
There are 66 “wheels” surrounding the Holy Throne.
There are 6 levels hinted by the letter Vav lead to it and each has its own 10 levels, Y of YSVD. It forms 60 surrounding circles, S of YSVD, and the four legs of the Throne hinted by the letter D.
Ezekiel stood on his feet and elevated himself to Yessod, with the help of the spirit of prophecy he saw the Holy Throne. Ezekiel 1:1.

As a bridge between the physical and spiritual dimension, Yessod conceals the secret of the 7 and 10 Sefirot in it. סוד – י,

All higher connections to the spiritual must go through Yessod.
The saying “צדיק יסוד עולם” “righteous man is the foundation (Yessod) of the world.” explains the importance of the connection to Yessod. There are at least 36 righteous people in every generation that are channel to Yessod to keep the world in existence. Without them the world will fall into darkness and immediate destruction.

The Hebrew letters are the building blocks of the Universe. It is described in Sefer Yetzirah, The Book of Formation, (Hebrew text online available here: https://dailyzohar.com/?page_id=1557 ). We must connect to the Hebrew letters to achieve elevation. All the spiritual systems without the Hebrew can bring you to be a great person, helping others and very positive but to go above Malchut, you must connect to the Hebrew letters and words in the sacred text that connect to the upper dimension.