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Daily Zohar 2079

Daily Zohar 2079

Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -2079

Hebrew translation:

50. בֹּא רְאֵה, בְּאוֹתוֹ יוֹם שֶׁהִשְׁתַּכְלֵל בֵּית הַמִּשְׁכָּן, הַקָּדוֹשׁ בָּרוּךְ הוּא הִקְדִּים וְשָׁרָה בּוֹ. מִיָּד – וַיִּקְרָא אֶל מֹשֶׁה וַיְדַבֵּר ה’ אֵלָיו מֵאֹהֶל מוֹעֵד לֵאמֹר. וַיְדַבֵּר ה’ אֵלָיו, וְהוֹדִיעַ לוֹ שֶׁעֲתִידִים יִשְׂרָאֵל לַחֲטֹא לְפָנָיו וְשֶׁיִּתְמַשְׁכֵּן אֹהֶל מוֹעֵד הַזֶּה בַּחֲטָאֵיהֶם וְלֹא יִתְקַיֵּם בִּידֵיהֶם. זֶהוּ שֶׁכָּתוּב וַיְדַבֵּר ה’ אֵלָיו מֵאֹהֶל מוֹעֵד לֵאמֹר. מָה אָמַר לוֹ? מֵאֹהֶל מוֹעֵד, מֵעִסְקֵי אֹהֶל מוֹעֵד שֶׁעָתִיד לְהִתְמַשְׁכֵּן בַּחֲטָאֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל וְלֹא יַעֲמֹד בְּקִיּוּמוֹ. אֲבָל הָרְפוּאָה לָזֶה – אָדָם כִּי יַקְרִיב מִכֶּם קָרְבָּן לַה’. הֲרֵי לְךָ הַקָּרְבָּנוֹת שֶׁמְּגִנִּים עַל הַכֹּל.

Zohar Vayikra
Leviticus 1:1
“וַיִּקְרָא, אֶל-מֹשֶׁה; וַיְדַבֵּר יְהוָה אֵלָיו, מֵאֹהֶל מוֹעֵד לֵאמֹר”
“Then YHVH called to Moses and spoke to him from the tent of meeting, saying,”

When the Holy Tabernacle was ready God called Moses into the Tabernacle and told him the future of the Israelites. God revealed to him that they will lose the Holy temple for their transgressions. The Hebrew words for ‘Tent of Meeting’ is ‘אוהל מועד’. It refers to the Tabernacle, and literally means ‘tent of time’. When it was erected it was known that it would be a temporary dwelling for the Light.

The Zohar explains that the Torah brought the cure for losing the Light, it is given in the verse that follows.

Leviticus 1:2
“דַּבֵּר אֶל-בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל, וְאָמַרְתָּ אֲלֵהֶם, אָדָם כִּי-יַקְרִיב מִכֶּם קָרְבָּן, לַיהוָה–מִן-הַבְּהֵמָה, מִן-הַבָּקָר וּמִן-הַצֹּאן, תַּקְרִיבוּ, אֶת-קָרְבַּנְכֶם”
“Speak to the people of Israel and say to them, When any one of you brings an offering to YHVH, you shall bring your offering of livestock from the herd or from the flock.”

Sacrifices made on the altar in the Holy Temple where a process of transforming matter into Light. The animal gave its life to open channels to the upper spiritual levels and brought Light of life down to this world. The aspect of fasting is also as giving as the Lubavitcher rebbe taught. When the body gives its energy through reducing flesh and blood, it’s like bringing sacrifice to the altar. Fasting without personal purity and consciousness may not be a good alternative because the process is long and during the fasting a person might lose his consciousness and focus on his desires for food and fulfilment of the body desires.

A quicker way to bring sacrifice to the altar is through giving tithe and Tzedakah. Giving money is almost as giving a part of the body. It is hard to let go because of the process of earning made it part of the person’s self. When part of it is given it is the aspect of sacrifice.
When we work and earn money we transform a physical and mental labor/energy given to us from the Light into money that represents energy of this world. We give body and mind energy to receive physical energy in this world. The part that we give back to the Light guarantees continuation of Light flow into our lives. Giving stolen money to Tzedakah or any money earned through the pain of others doesn’t benefit the giver unless he’s in the process of transforming himself from bad to good, and committed himself to give all his money to Tzedakah while earning money honestly, providing good products and services to others. Many successful people that repented and started following the ways of the Torah and Zohar experience a big fall but it is only temporary. God is helping them cleanse the old and ‘contaminated’ energy with pure one. They receive opportunity to restart their process of earning big again. If they have the faith they should know that their vessel, that could hold a lot of money before, could always do the same and more in ‘kosher’ ways. They have better consciousness and can build themselves again with solid foundations of Light and blessings.

God sees our souls and helps us to make it better. The world of Malchut is just a temporary ‘work camp’, designed as a process that will improve our souls.

Because the Holy Temple cannot bring the great Light of sustenance to the world, Tzedakah is the tool that everyone can use to draw energy of life and continuous blessings.
Even people with low income can make the effort and give because they need it more. It’s about the effort anyone makes that counts. The amount given should be relative to the size of the vessel.