Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -223.

Tikkun 19 – 3

The written Torah is in the aspect of Upper waters, it exists in Binah and the Oral Torah is lower waters, in Malchut.
Binah was elevated to Malchut at the time of Creation to draw light of Mercy that was created by the effect of time. Malchut received the form of Binah but on the way down to its place, it was left without the light of Binah but with great desire for it.
This process created the desire for the vessel to reconnect to the upper waters, to Binah. To achieve that, Malchut needs to create similar elevation to Binah by the study and the discussion of the oral Torah. The study of the Torah and especially the secret behind it, opens the path to Binah and connects the upper and lower waters.

Yessod is the channel and tool to bring the flow down. If we are not making the connection to Binah through Yessod then the Zohar says that we are taking the world back to the original chaos, before the revelation of the Light.
Treating the Torah as a simple story is also like separating upper and lower waters. Every person in the world should learn the Hebrew letters and understand that there are great secrets concealed within each letter.
Rabbi Akiva said that he can write mountains of words to explain each letter in the Torah. The root word for Hebrew עברית is עבר means passage or a way to cross from one side to another.
The more ‘passages’ we make to connect upper and lower, the more light will be in the world and darkness will have to go.