Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -237.

Tikkun 19-15

The Hebrew letters represent the spiritual system. The letters are the vessel or body with the desire for the light. The Nikkud, which are the special dots that are placed in, above or below the letters to give sound to them. They are channels of energy that fill up the vessel and moves the body. Taggin, are the ‘crowns’ above the letters that relate to the supernal thought which defines the light that will go into each letter.

In other aspects we can look at the letters as Malchut, the Nikkud as Zeir Anpin and the Taggin as Chokmah and Binah.

In the process of creating the world, God created a ‘Kingdom’ for us. Its name is Malchut (literally translated as Kingdom).

Malchut was the 10th level and our ‘kingdom’, was left without light so we can ‘work’ to get it.

In order to create the desire to work, Malchut was elevated to Binah to join the light and get a ‘stamp’ of it. It is called Reshimu רשימו. Malchut received the ‘shape’ of Binah, which is the letter H ה, and went back to its place. The Taggin and Nikkud were part of the process that evolved from that connection.

When my wife introduced chocolate to our little daughter for the first time, she looked at it with disgust but after she tasted it was another story.

She never had the desire for chocolate before but after she tasted it something new happened. She had a Reshimu of the chocolate in her body and mind. The positive experience created the desire and now she wants to have more of it.

A child is born with natural desire for food because he was fed inside the womb. That is why a child needs to get his first food from mother’s bosom. It is better for the soul of the child to get the mix of spiritual and physical food, through the mother’s milk.

The technique of ‘Reshimu’ is used by many, when they give free samples. In the food court of many malls you see those ‘Reshimu’ agents in front of their food kiosks offering free samples.

Once you experience the good taste, it registers in your mind and you want to have more of it.

Some types of food can create addiction in some people and it is part of their spiritual work to overcome it.

A person can get addicted to connection to the light that can be positive and negative if the consciousness of the person is not tuned with the Tree of Life.

God gave us the ‘Reshimu’ of everything we have in life. All our desire is actually to have all that we had before, at the time we were as one with Binah.

We do not work on Shabbat because the light of Binah is available to us in the Torah. Listening to the reading connects us to this light and energizes us for another week until we reach a day that is all Shabbat, meaning that we will have complete unification with Binah and all lacks will disappear.