Daily Zohar 2465
Daily Zohar 2465
Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -2465
Hebrew translation:

48. מִצְוָה אַחַר זוֹ – לְהַפְרִישׁ תְּרוּמָה גְדוֹלָה, וּפֵרְשׁוּהָ שְׁנַיִם מִמֵּאָה. מַה זֶּה תְּרוּמָה? חַכְמֵי הַיְשִׁיבָה, הַתְּרוּמָה הַזּוֹ שֶׁצְּרִיכִים לְהַפְרִישׁ שְׁנַיִם מִמֵּאָה, בְּסִתְרֵי תוֹרָה מִי הֵם? מִי שֶׁרוֹצֶה לִטְעֹם – אִם הוּא זָר, יוּמָת. וְהַיְנוּ אֵל זָר, סָמָאֵ”ל. שֶׁהַקָּדוֹשׁ בָּרוּךְ הוּא אָמַר (שמות שכה) וְיִקְחוּ לִי תְּרוּמָה, תְּרֵי (שְׁנַיִם) מִמֵּאָה, לְיַחֲדוֹ פַּעֲמַיִם בַּיּוֹם, שֶׁהַיְנוּ שְׁנַיִם מִמֵּאָה, בְּאַרְבָּעִים וָתֵשַׁע אוֹתִיּוֹת שֶׁל “שְׁמַע” וּ”בָרוּךְ שֵׁם כְּבוֹד מַלְכוּתוֹ לְעוֹלָם וָעֶד” שֶׁל עַרְבִית, וּבְאַרְבָּעִים וְתֵשַׁע אוֹתִיּוֹת שֶׁל שַׁחֲרִית. חֲסֵרִים שְׁנַיִם מִמֵּאָה, הֵם שְׁכִינָה עֶלְיוֹנָה וְתַחְתּוֹנָה, בִּשְׁנֵיהֶם צָרִיךְ לְיַחֵד אֶת הַקָּדוֹשׁ בָּרוּךְ הוּא אַמָּה שֶׁל שְׁנֵיהֶם, מִדָּה שֶׁל שְׁנֵיהֶם, מֵאָה בָּאַמָּה. אַמָּ”ה בְּאוֹתִיּוֹת מֵאָ”ה הוּא, וְהוּא בְּהִפּוּךְ אוֹתִיּוֹת הָאֵ”ם.

Zohar Korach
Exodus 25:2
“דַּבֵּר אֶל-בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל, וְיִקְחוּ-לִי תְּרוּמָה”
“Speak unto the children of Israel, that they take for Me an offering”
The Zohar teaches us about another aspect of ‘offering’,‘Terumah’ and it’s two of a hundred. This ‘offering’ is the prayer of Shema Yisrael that we recite morning and evening. The first line has 25 letters and the second has 24. Morning and evening makes it 98 and the missing two is our meditation of unifying the upper and lower Shechinah, which is Binah and Malchut. The Holy One Blessed be He is the force that unifies the two levels to create the completion of 100 מאה that represent the Tree of Life (10 Sefirot x 10 each).

The first line with 25 letters is כֹּה that represents the Shechina and connects to the blessing of the priests, (Numbers 6:23) “כֹּה תְבָרֲכוּ אֶת בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל אָמוֹר לָהֶם”, “Thus (כֹּה) you shall bless the sons of Israel. You shall say to them”
Numbers 3:10
“וְאֶת-אַהֲרֹן וְאֶת-בָּנָיו תִּפְקֹד, וְשָׁמְרוּ אֶת-כְּהֻנָּתָם; וְהַזָּר הַקָּרֵב, יוּמָת”
“And you shall appoint Aaron and his sons, and they shall guard their priesthood. But if any outsider comes near, he shall be put to death.”
The prayer of Shema Yisrael is very powerful and the Zohar says that the negative side, ‘the outsider’ would die if comes close to us.
We recite this prayer also on the bed before going to sleep to give our soul protection when it leaves the body for the night. The negative side awaits the soul to come out and drain whatever energy it has from the soul and from the body. Reading Zoahr followed by Shema Yisrael before sleep would give the soul the protection it needs.
For similar reason a person on his deathbed should say the Shema Israel to protect his soul as it departs from this world.
This is a video from over 6 years ago and it can help you read the Shema Israel.

You may search youtube for Shema Israel and find many videos and songs with the words of the Shema Israel.