Daily Zohar -25

How can a person be of awe to the Torah if he doesn’t know that he received it to keep and observe.

The word for Awe is יראה, and it has the same meaning as “to see” and the root of the word for Light “אור” and the upper two letters of the Tetragramaton “יה” and to the level of Chokmah. The Awe to the Torah is the ability to connect with the eyes and make connection to the upper dimension of the name.
The Holy Ari recommends a special connection to the YHVH name with the “Nikud”, Hebrew vowels for Awe.

(This name MUST NOT be read, just scan with your eyes even if you know how to read Hebrew. Print it and scan it daily to improve your ability to see the Light in everything. This is a Holy name and you should not discard the printed name.)

We are at the Malchut level, represented by the lower letter ה of the name, the Torah is Zeir Anpin, the letter ו of the name. The Torah is the tool to connect to the יה, the higher levels of the name.

The Torah was given from the two levels of Chessed and Gevurah, which is Love and Awe. The numerical value for the word Torah is 611 and when we add 2 for love and awe we connect to the 613 precepts listed in the Torah. Those precepts are the codes for the unification sustenance of the soul and body in the secret of 248 precepts of positive actions and 365 precepts, which are ways to stop negativity from coming in and keep the purity of the soul.