Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -253.

Tikkun 19-29

The world was created with the power of words.

When we speak we activate the four elements of nature, air, fire, earth and water.
Air is the waves and vibration created by the words as vapor of the mouth. Fire is the warmth of the mouth vapor and it is source of the heart that circulates the blood in the body. Water is the moisture in the vapor. Earth (soil) is the minerals in the vapor.

The three “mother” letters in the Hebrew Alef-Bet are א-מ-ש and they represent Air, Water and Fire. א is for Air and is the first letter, מ is for Water and is the middle letter. ש is the one before the last letter, which is ת of Malchut. ת is the letter in the aspect of Earth and the final stage in the process of manifestation.

The energy that comes from our mind affects the process from thought to manifestation. If the channel is from the right column then all that is built from it is in the aspect of Chessed.

If the mind consciousness is from the left column, Gevurah, then all that will manifest is in that aspect. If we think with the balance of the central column then everything is built with stability.