Daily Zohar 2541

Daily Zohar 2541

Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -2541


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Zohar Haazinu

The ‘forehead’ that was revealed in Atika Kadisha, is called ‘רצון’, ‘will’. The supreme head that is concealed released from its light that was revealed in the forehead. It is called the will of all wills, ‘רעוא דכל רעוין’. When the hair from the skull was spreading, the forehead was covered with hair until it was matured and the forehead was revealed with the light of Chassadim.
The Holy Ari teaches us that this light is revealed during the meals of Shabbat especially during the third meal.

When the ‘will’ which is Light of Chassadim from Chokmah is revealed, all the prayers that come from below are accepted and Zeir Anpin shines with the Light that goes through all of its sefirot. All judgments hide and surrender because of the light of Chokmah and Chassadim that brings mercy on all levels.

During the afternoon time of the weekdays judgments are awakened because the light of Chokmah is revealed in the left column and feed the judgments.
On Shabbat the ‘forehead’ of Arich Anpin is revealed with the light of Chokmah and Chassadim and mercy spread to all the worlds. No judgment can exists when this light is revealed. Even the fire in hell falls down and the wicked rest.

Chokmah without Chassadim draws judgments. On Shabbat the light from the ‘forehead’ gives us Chokmah and Chassadim together. The Kabbalist Rabbi Shalom Buzaglo ZT”L, tells us that the study of Zohar on Shabbat is considered as 1000 times more than on a weekday. This value is multiplied by 10 (=10,000) on Shabbat Afternoon, the time of the will of all wills that is the light from Arich Anpin. This is 10 levels above the light of Binah of Shabbat.