Holy Zohar text. Daily Zohar -255.

Tikkun 19– 31

Rabbi Shimon explains that with the act of the sin, Adam corrupted the higher levels of thought, both levels of Chokmah and the supernal Chokmah of Arich Anpin.

Chokmah is called חיים, life, and the Chokmah of Arich Anpin is called life of life, where there is no death. Adam’s sin created a disconnection between him and all the levels above Binah.
He lost his spiritual “dress” and found out that he was naked (Genesis 3:7).

Because Adam ‘knew’ Eve before correcting the sin, the impurity of the Snake, attached itself to their connection. That resulted in a separation between the right and the left.
As a result Cain was born flawed and with a correction to make. He wanted to complete himself by overcoming the right side. Because he didn’t have the A א and Y י (See Daily Zohar #254), that are the source of life from Chokmah, he brought death on Abel, his brother.